Speed does matter! A second shaved off in your load times is a 7% increase in Google Rankings. The attention of the average user is now less than a average users attention is less than a goldfish Goldfish :(

So how your site is built, hosted, secured and managed is CRITICAL. Learn more about how our PLATFORM makes sure your business stays ahead of the pack.

The need for speed from 16s to 1.3s

My site was becoming dog slow

My blog has been growing in popularity over the last 2 years. This year it was give an award, “top 40 meditation blogs”. What that means is? I don’t know. All I know is my Google Analytic stats were indicating a very high drop off, and my site was becoming dog slow. History of Just Being Life began as a Wordpress site running off a Virtual Private Server hosted at a reputable hosting company. [Read More]

How to check the speed of your website?

The average users attention span is less than a Goldfish

So you’ve just had your new website built, it’s designed perfectly with user experience in mind, you’ve implemented a solid SEO strategy, then you have a few clicks around the site and find yourself waiting for the pages to load… This is down to a poor site build and poor performance optimisation. Even with the best looking website and powerful call to actions, if it’s under-performing it could lead to users/potential clients abandoning the site due to frustration. [Read More]

Why Perceived Performance Matters

Part 1, The Perception Of Time

Those of us who consider ourselves developers, including me, are very task-oriented. We like to be guided towards optimal results, and we find ourselves uncomfortable when there is no clear path to follow. That is why we all want to know how to do things; we like step-by-step tutorials and how-tos. However, such guidelines are based on certain theories, deep knowledge and experience. For this reason, I will not provide you, the reader, with a structured answer to the question of how to make a website faster. [Read More]